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The demand for 12v water pump types has risen drastically during the recent years. This is because they are able to and widely used in underground water resources in many places and in almost everywhere in the world. Various 12v water pumps may come in handy for most homes and they are also considered as an essential part of an irrigation system. Since irrigation systems are usually dependent on efficient irrigation water pumps, it is important to choose the right irrigation pump as well as the source, the required water flow rate and other important factors.

Pentair 12V Water Pumps

Types Of 12v Water Pumps Available

Here are the various types of available 12v water pumps that you can choose from, depending on where you will use it:

> Well pumps - this is the most basic type of water pump and is often used to move water from an underground source into your home. The power and capacity of this type of water pump depend on the water consumption rate in your home. Several factors, such as the number of sinks, bathrooms and kitchens in your home, should be considered to get an estimate of your water requirement. Well pumps are most of the time, sealed into their own compartments and are connected to an electric motor and power source that is located above the ground. Submersible well pumps can last for years inside a well that is 80 feet deep and so they are considered to be more economical among all types of well pumps.

> Pressure tanks - this type is often used in homes and usually plays a major role when it comes to balancing water pressures. Pressure tanks can regulate the pressure of the water that is drawn into the buildings. The change in seasons may also affect the water pressure, and so to avoid fluctuations that may happen seasonally, pressure tanks can be used.

> Sump pumps - this type is often used to take out water from basements of buildings. This is helpful in times when building basements start flooding.

Factors To Consider When Choosing 12v Water Pumps

There are many brands and models of 12v water pumps you can find in the market. Each 12v water pumps, however, has its advantages and disadvantages. Factors that should be considered are the adequate capacity, for instance, the gallons per minute and also the cost of the pump. Aside from these factors, the cost of installation, the reliability of the pump, servicing charges and power supply should be considered as well. These 12v water pumps usually come in various sizes and the cost differs depending on the sizes and the capacity. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers may start developing 12v water pumps with added features that will make it more cost effective in the long run, as compared to the ones that are available in the market now.

With so many 12v water pumps in the market that you can choose from, how do you go about the selection process? When choosing 12v water pumps, have a clear idea of your current requirements. The pump you purchase must at least be able to fulfill this basic need. If you need to move the pump from one place to another quite frequently, it is advisable to look for a portable water pump. Looking ahead, you should also take into account any expansion plans for the near future. In this way, you will be able to single out a suitable water pump that can last you for at least several years. If you need more clarifications on the functions of the pump, make sure to ask for more information or ask for recommendations and suggestions from manufacturers or from the person who will install your pump.

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