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Car water pumps are belt driven device found in a car which facilitates the transfer of water from the radiator to the engine of the car, thereby keeping it cool. The design of car water pumps may differ from one car model to another. There are also similarities in the basic functioning and physical traits of these pumps.

The water pump with its two pipes is located near the car’s front or side, behind the fan belt near the engine. Car water pumps usually look like octopus with a hollow disc shape in the middle and many arms extending outward. One arm is attached to the engine and one arm is attached to the radiator. The other arms function as a support to hold the water pump steady.

Bosch 97113 New Car Water Pump

How Car Water Pumps Work

One of the important components of the car cooling system is car water pumps. If you have a car, it is necessary that you know how these water pumps work. When the car engine runs, the fan belt is also turning causing the axle to turn at the center of the water pump. In this scenario, the pump basically operates on centrifugal force. Inside the center of the pump is an axle attached to a series of vanes that turn along with the axle. When the axle turns, it creates suction that pulls water from the radiator. Through the vanes generating centrifugal force, the water is able to reach the pump and is thrown to the pump’s exterior walls. The water then enters the engine and cools it. The stream of water that entered the engine block is moved to the cylinder head, and then drains to the radiator and goes back to the water pump. The process is repeated all over again as long as the car is still running.

For some cars, car water pumps are easily accessed and installed through the use of basic tools in a car kit but in other cars, professional help is needed because their car water pumps is situated deep inside the car. To make the installation and placement of your water pump easy, it is recommended to seek help from a professional especially if you are not an expert on this field. Replacement of car water pumps and installation of it should only be done once a year since it is done on an average of 90,000 miles.

Symptoms of Damaged Car Water Pumps

You may also encounter some problems with your car water pumps. Car water pump failure and damage may cause overheating of your car that may sooner or later lead to the damage of the car’s engine. The water pump also has a weep hole and if your water pump begins to wear, the gasket sealing this hole might erode. As a result, coolant will pour out of the hole. This indicates that you water pump is no longer functioning properly. Other than these problems, damaged impeller and defective bearing might also occur. Symptoms that will help you determine if your pump is damaged are the following: noisy engine, corroded parts and coolant leakage. If these problems happen, consult your mechanic immediately in order for it to be repaired at the earliest.

Car water pumps are vital components of a car engine mechanism. If your car experiences problem with its water pump, it should immediately be subjected to repair measures. You can also opt to have your car checked once in a while. Remember that any problem in your car or auto water pump will affect the performance of your car.

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