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Solar Submersible Pumps

Solar submersible pumps are designed to move water by tapping on solar energy harnessed from the sun. These pumps can perform its functions well even when the sun is out.

Features Of Solar Submersible Pumps

Pumps are primarily used to move water. The first designs of solar submersible pumps that came out were used to move water on a horizontal plane. Today, with the advanced solar panels and developments in the solar submersible pumps assembly, the pumps can now lift water for use in waterfalls, fountains or to move water to higher elevations than the actual source of the water.


Another feature of solar submersible pumps is that it is installed underwater. Placing the pump completely immersed in water has its advantages. It requires less cost in installation for one does not need another casing to hide the pump, like in the case when the pump is placed out in the open. Hiding the pump underwater also helps to muffle the sound of the pump. Thus the peace and tranquility of the surrounding area is maintained. The fact that the pump is underwater helps to maintain the even temperature of the pump. It helps in the cooling off process of the pump thus preventing overheating. This indirectly assists in prolonging the life of the pump assembly.

The feature that sets the solar submersible pumps apart from the rest of the pumps is that it is solar powered. These pumps are powered by harnessing the sun’s rays. Using this as an energy source, the entire system depends on the solar panels that are placed high above the water. The solar panel does not necessarily have to be placed near the source of water. In fact, it is advised that it be placed in an area that is clear of shade so that it can get the most sunlight. The advancement in assembly now allows the solar panels to be mounted on a pivoting base that can move the panels to allow greater access to sunlight at all times of the day.

Solar Submersible Pumps Are Economical And Environment Friendly

Using the sun’s energy resource has proven to be eco-friendly and economical. It is eco-friendly for it uses no fossil fuel. Without the burning of fossil fuels, the resultant carbon emissions harmful to the environment are absent. The noise that usually accompanies the movement of the pumps is also absent. Thus, the use of solar submersible pumps help preserve the excavation of fossil fuels, helps keep the environment free of toxic carbon emissions and does not further contribute to the surrounding noise pollution.

The greatest advantage of using solar submersible pumps is that the energy resource is free. There are no additional charges for the valuable energy obtained. The basic expenses incurred in setting up a system will be to purchase a solar panel, motor, pump, and pipe.

Unconvinced consumers and skeptics say that the use of solar submersible pumps is limited when there is no sun, such as in the evenings or when the day is a cloudy one. The solution is simple. One can either store the energy obtained during the day in batteries or let the pump work overtime during the day to store water in tanks for use in the evenings. These solutions are the best and most practical ones. To attach another power source, be it electrical or gas, for use in the evenings is an additional expense which one can do without. Thus, applying these solutions accomplishes the primary purpose of solar pumps even when the sun is out.

The solar submersible pumps, especially small submersible pumps, are therefore reliable, efficient, eco-friendly and economical.

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