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The water pump system is made up of many components. These include the water pump itself plus the water pump parts. In order for a water pump to function properly, it needs to work with the other water pump parts. Together, they function as a cohesive unit.

The water pump is considered the heart of the engine as this pumps coolant and water from the radiator to other parts of the engine. It supplies circulation of the engine coolant via the cooling system. A water pump forces out the coolant through the passages called water jacket found in the engine cylinder block as well as in cylinder head, pushing it out into the radiator. This way, overheating is prevented. The hot coolant then goes through the radiator where it will cool down and then back to the engine.

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Components Of Water Pump Parts

The water pump parts include the following elements:

Pump housing - This plays an important role in the water pump parts. Its function is to support the annular adapter member in supporting the seal that surrounds the shaft and mounted in the adapter. An impeller is removable and is secured to the outer end of the shaft in line with the seal. A bushing surrounds the shaft between the impeller and the seal and is compressed by the attachment of the impeller to the shaft. It is also pressed against the seal firmly into the adapter.

Bearing - As one of the water pumps parts, bearing is a component separating moving parts and carries a load. These are primarily used in automotive water pumps. It is basically comprised of standard double row bearings. Bearings usually exist in two designs: the ball-ball having two rows of balls and the ball-roller having one row balls and one row roller.

Impeller - An impeller is a rotating portion of a centrifugal pump, typically made of steel, iron, brass, bronze, aluminum or plastic. This transfers energy from the motor to the fluid being pumped through pushing the fluid outwards from the center of rotation. Impellers are typically short cylinders with an open inlet intended to accept incoming fluid, splined, keyed or threaded bore intended to accept a drive-shaft, and vanes for pushing the fluid radially. These water pump parts are very important in the cooling system.

Seal on the water pump shaft - This is another important element of water pump parts. It prevents coolant from leaking past the bearing. The seal is the common site of pump failure since it is prone to having rusts and other sediments. This should be regularly inspected in order to avoid overheating. The basic purpose of the shaft, on the other hand, is to transmit the forces encountered when starting and during operation while at the same time supporting other rotating parts and the impeller. It can only do this function with a deflection that is less than the minimum clearance between the stationary and the rotating parts.

Each of the water pump parts must function properly on its own as well as in a unit together. If any of the parts has problem, you may notice water leaks coming out from the coolant system and your car becomes noisy. This means that the water pump is failing and you have to repair the water pump parts that are malfunctioning or send the whole water pump to the workshop for water pump repair.

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